Cycle to Work scheme...

The Cycle to work scheme is a UK Government initiative.

WETROCKNRIDE are working with the following Cycle to work scheme providers.

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What is the Tax free bike scheme

The Tax free bike scheme was introduced by the UK Government to encourage greater participation in cycling.

The Tax free bike scheme enables employers to offer their employees the opportunity to get a bike and cycling accessories via their salary.

This means the employee reduces part of their gross salary before tax, in exchange for a bike and accessories, and benefits from not paying Income Tax or National Insurance on the value of the bike and gear.

Employees can use the bike for commuting as well as for leisure.

Cycle to Work savings are typically 28% - 48% depending on your earnings.

The scheme also acts as a form of interest free loan via salary, to further improve the affordability of getting a new bike.

Neither the employer or the employee is required to keep a log of their use of the bike.

gogeta is not your average tax-free cycling provider, they offer unbeatable value, they have swift easy admin and offer 24/7 support to employers, employees and retailers alike. Visit their site for more information

Thanks to the low cost of accepting gogeta vouchers, we do not include any surcharges, which means gogeta customers enjoy the best savings.

Maximise savings with the UK’s most generous scheme



Green Commute Initiative is the industry-leading and award-winning cycle-to-work scheme with no limits. GCIs scheme has no £1,000 limit and no scheme exit fees. You can save from 32-47% (depending on your tax rate). Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest. Salary sacrifice periods can be from 12-60 months. Get an E-bike or conventional cycle through GCI and help reduce congestion and pollution whilst improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing.