Bike Assembly Help

We Recommend all bikes are collected in store to have the best possible setup by CYTECH Qualified Mechanics. If you are receiving a bike from us via a courier It is your responsibility to check over your new bike for any damage please call 01429866777 Our Mechanics are on hand to help you.

Alternatively consider using a professional bike mechanic to carry out the final fit of any parts. If you are competent at assembling your new bike. please read on

When packing your bike we have taken extra precautions and used extra Packaging. To lessen the impact on the environment we also reuse packaging where possible.

We seal all boxes and mark them with fragile to ensure they arrive safely. There is a small box in the bike box please don't throw away as this contains your pedals.

We understand that you want to get straight out on your new bike all our bikes are fully assembled serviced, tested and inspected before being prepared carefully and shipped.

Includes:- Setup of the Gears, Brakes and Headset.

To Prepare your bike for shipping we may remove the front wheel pedals and remove the handlebar and possibly the seat post.

On receipt of your new bike take care and carefully unwrap your bike.


Remove bike from box Carefully 

Take care when removing packaging 

Small cardboard box provided (Do not throw away)

Small tool provided in box to fit handlebars. Remove stem faceplate

Fit handlebar taking care not to over/under tighten beyond the recommendations ensure faceplate is tightened evenly on all of the bolts. tighten to 5-6 Nms

Next if required fit the front wheel to the cycle forks ensuring the wheel is tightened correctly. Making sure the wheel is central in the the forks before tightening correctly.

Remove pedals from Box Market L for left R for right remove 15mm pedal spanner

Left Pedal tightens anti Clockwise tighten firmly towards the front wheel

Right Pedal Tightens Clockwise tighten firmly towards the front wheel

Any questions call for help on 01429866777