North East MTB Group rides

North East MTB Group rides

North East MTB Group Rides is a mountain bike user group here to organise rides and share your ride routes. Based in the North East of England and open to beginners and seasoned riders. We like to ride Natural trails & trail centres. We are always on the look out for new trails and routes.
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North East MTB Group Rides
North East MTB Group Rides are a group of like minded individuals who like to get out for a social ride whenever we can. We are Inclusive and open to new riders male female younger and older. We meet whenever we can occasionally race usually for fun and enjoyment. Whenever we meet and race its usually within the North east usually pre planned, new riders to the group are welcomed. 

Our Group and social rides are open and free we do ask that you ride within your own limits and with respect for yourself and others. You require a serviceable MTB safety Helmets are compulsory also the correct clothing/ equipment for the conditions. If you require it your own insurance as you deem necessary. The Pace is social and all abilities and fitness levels are welcome. The usual ride duration is one to two and a half hours.

Dress appropriately for the conditions carry water, always wear a helmet on the trail. Its a riders choice to decide if the trails and conditions are right for the individual. Consider the condition of your bike and the suitability for the chosen trail. A serviceable bike basic tools, pump and puncture repair kit should be carried. Sufficient clothing, food and water and a first aid kit should be carried.

Mountain Biking is a potentially dangerous activity. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. Wetrocknride cannot and will not be held responsible for any injury, damage, loss to any individual or third party.



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  • Josh

    Hi I have just left the army and have a great passion in moutaain biking I class my self as a beginner but am keen to learn so I can eventually compete as that would be a goal of Myne cheers josh

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