Scott Vivo Plus (ce) Helmet

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The SCOTT Vivo Plus Helmet is the go-to helmet for safety and style conscious trail riders. With the added safety of an integrated MIPS® Brain Protection System, extended coverage and optimized geometry, and our top MRAS fit system, you can feel safe and secure no matter where you ride.

Range of useMOUNTAIN

ConstructionIn-Mold TechnologyPolycarbonate Micro Shell

Fit systemMRAS

FeaturesMIPS® Brain Protection SystemOptimized VentilationExtended CoverageAdjustable Visor


Approx. weight320gr


MIPS® Brain Protection System

If you are seeking the best protection that money can buy then look no further. SCOTT helmets with integrated MIPS® Brain Protection System offer a whole new dimension in safety. No matter where or how you ride, choose a SCOTT helmet and Elevate Your Safety!

Testing and results: taking a fall with a SCOTT MIPS®-equipped helmet is very different

A traditional helmet A helmet equipped with MIPS
Helmets are designed and optimized for straight impacts. They do not consider angled impacts. In an angled impact, rotational violence is transferred to the head and the brain. MIPS is a low-friction layer inside the helmet which allows the head to rotate relative to the helmet in an angled impact. This substantially reduces rotational violence and the potential for damage to the brain.
Rotational violence with a traditional helmet Rotational violence using a helmet with MIPS

How people fall?

Conventional helmets are tested by dropping them vertically onto a solid surface. They are designed to protect you from straight / radial impacts. For over 15 years, MIPS has researched how people crash in the real world. Collaborating with some of the world's leading neurosurgeons and experts, MIPS® has established that when you fall, your head most often hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational shock to the brain1. This rotational shock can cause strain in your brain. A helmet with MIPS® absorbs much of that rotational energy, offering you better protection. And if, against all the odds, you do fall vertically onto your head, a SCOTT helmet with MIPS® will protect you just as well as an ordinary helmet.

MIPS imitated the brain's own protection system

The brain is suspended in a low-friction cerebrospinal fluid which allows your brain to slide within your skull to protect the brain under impact. MIPS®  Brain Protection System is a unique technology intended to protect your brain against angled impacts by imitating the brain's natural low-friction barrier, thereby reducing the shock transmitted to your brain. Under angled impact the helmet slides on the MIPS® low-friction layer, minimizing the rotational violence transfered to the brain.