Preacher 20" Wheels

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When you have such a world renowned rider as Matt Priest involved in this project you can be sure that the product will be something special.
Matt is Ride UK Magazine's 2011, 2012 & 2014 Trails Rider of the Year and also part of the winning Stay Strong team on the 2012 Ride to Glory tour.

Here's what Matt said about his Halo wheels in his 12 page interview in Ride UK Magazine's November 2012 issue (he also got the cover shot):
"I really wanted everything to be right, it's my own quality control because I wouldn't put my name to anything that I wasn't totally into.
The wheels have turned out sick and it's amazing to have a product that you're proud of, I mean I would go and buy the wheels anyway because they're so good".

Fellow Halo BMX Team rider Dean Cueson chooses to run Preacher wheels. Dean Cueson's fully committed riding style means that he needs wheels that he can trust. Preacher wheels offer the smoothness and lightweight to allow him to air so high and also the strength to make sure his landings don't slow down his flow.

  • Pro level wheels.
  • 36mm wide box section 6000 series alloy 36H rims with welded joints.
  • Stealth laser-etched graphics.
  • Double butted spokes.

Front: Halo MXF hub.

Rear options: Halo MXR Supa Drive (120 point triple wedge pawl system) or Halo Switch hubs.

Factory built wheel colour options:

  • Black: Black rim, Black spokes, Black hub, Black nipples.
  • Red: Red rim, Black spokes, Red hub, Black nipples.
  • Blue: Blue rim, Black spokes, Blue hub, Black nipples.
  • Silver: Silver rim, Black spokes, Silver hub, Black nipples.


  • Front: 822g (897g incl cap + bolts).
  • Rear: MXR Supa Drive 1049g (1069g incl nuts).
  • Rear: Switch 1109g (1128g incl nuts).