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The MET Drone Wide Body road bike helmet has been designed to give you the edge in your next time trial. With its wide body construction and sleek aerodynamic profile allowing improved airflow and less drag.


The MET Drone features a unique wide body, an aerodynamic design which directs the flow of air, greatly decreasing turbulence and drag, allowing for that precious marginal increase in speed that could be the difference in beating your personal best. The added volume at the sides directs air over the rider's shoulders which significantly decreases the effect of turbulence. The results of wind-tunnel testing have revealed that this smart design will save 10 watts over 50KM/H over its predecessor as well as competitor helmets.

The internal system of air channels maximises cooling by guiding heated air over and away from the head without affecting the aerodynamic advantage. The purpose-built Mag-Clip shield fits seamlessly with powerful, low-profile neodymium magnetic clips so it won't vibrate loose and there's an anti-fog coating to ensure visor clarity no matter how hard you ride.

If you are serious about time trialling and want to upgrade your helmet give yourself an advantage over your competitors, the Met Drone Widebody delivers smart aerodynamic design in a cool, comfortable package.

  • Proven saving of 10 watts at 50KM/H over its predecessor and competitor helmets
  • Mag-clip shield stays in place securely with powerful, low-profile neodymium magnetic clips
  • Air lite straps which aid sweat evaporation and provide greater tensile strength with less weight
  • Strap anchor points ae embedded in the polystyrene, improving aerodynamics by keeping the edges smooth for air to flow over
  • MET's Safe-T Advanced fit system provides the best weight and comfort ratio