Aerorage S2 Duomatic Wheels (Rear Only)

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A great choice for the "Fixie" that wants to keep the Fixie style - but needs another gear.
Duomatic Kick Shift 2-speed freewheel hub with 25mm Aero profile 32h rims.

Sturmey Archer S2 Duomatic Hub:

Duomatic Kick Shift 2 speed hub (with or without out coaster brake).
Kick Shift to change gears.
No shifter cable or associated wear issues.
Over Lock Nut dimensions: 120mm.
Gear ratio of 138%.

Halo Aerorage rim:

All round performance road race rim.
Light and strong with an attractive mid size 25mm deep Aero section.


  • 19mm width.
  • 25mm Aero profile.
  • CNC machined brake surface.
  • Strong Box section double wall.
  • T-10 heat treated alloy.
  • Reliable, weld free, sleeve joint.
  • 32H 700c Road Race

Weight: 1895g