Wetrocknride Test Liteville 301 MK15 Factory Machine Enduro

Wetrocknride Test Liteville 301 MK15 Factory Machine Enduro

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Living with a liteville dare you do things differently ? 

Liteville dares to be different, not just because they can because they are constantly searching for the best Mountain Bike possible. Their smooth active suspension is one of the most neutral and active rides around. Lightness ? not an afterthought or marketing blurb genuine design whilst remaining super strong.

Innovation engineering and daring to do things differently are what Liteville is about. If you are searching for off the peg then look elsewhere.

The Internally mounted dropper fits into the frame connecting just above the bottom bracket. 8 Pins named Seatpost is another innovation. Light, stiff, accurate and adjustable.  On extension, it gives you a positive locking click with no chance of an unplanned drop.

Liteville Mountain bikes come with a 10-year warranty and are backed up by your local bike shop and one of the most professional customer service departments in the industry.

If you are like us and want to do things your own way then take a long look at Liteville.  650B 29er Mullet your choice.

The frame is one of the most neutral fast and active frames you will find anywhere. Brushed aluminum that will keep its finish for years to come. 

Worried about setting this frame-up? No need to use rubber bands. Liteville have designed a Dyna level indicator built into the frame. Liteville has an absolute baffling range of build options, you may be spoilt for choice.

This bad boy is set up with top-shelf Syntace finishing kit, Carbon Mullet wheels, Carbon cranks, bars, and Enduro ready 160mm Travel. Light, climbs like a flea and rails the descent. Frame only 130mm travel 650B fork correction are just some options available.

Liteville Outstanding, different, and super strong. 

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